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WJBD - Local News - Grandson Holds Two Men Allegedly Caught Making Meth at Grandmother's Home

William Donoho and Dale Lyons. Marion County Sheriff booking photos.

Grandson Holds Two Men Allegedly Caught Making Meth at Grandmother's Home

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A grandson punched two men in the face and then held them for police after discovering the two were allegedly making methamphetamine inside his grandmother's rural Sandoval garage.  

Marion County Sheriff Jerry DeVore says the two were eventually taken into custody late Friday night on multiple drug charges. The 84-year-old handicapped grandmother evacuated from her home for the night until the State Meth Response Team could clean up the unstable meth lab. One of the two arrested, 50-year-old Dale Lyons, was the elderly woman's son and lived with her at the home in the one-thousand block of Bethel Road.   

The grandson, who lived next door, had gone to the garage to investigate after he saw a vehicle he didn't recognize pull inside the garage.   DeVore say that car was driven by the other suspect, 43-year-old William Donoho of Dean Street in Centralia.   

While the garage door had been locked, the grandson went in through a back door when he heard his uncle and Donoho allegedly discussing the manufacture of meth.  After the grandson refused their offer to take some meth, he was grabbed by the shoulder and told he was not leaving.  The grandson then reportedly punched both men in the face and held them down, while his wife who was alerted to the altercation called sheriff's deputies.   

After seeing some drug items in plain view, the elderly occupant of the residence gave permission to search.   A 'shake and bake' meth lab in a Gatoraide bottle allegedly was located along with meth waste on a burn pile, items used in the manufacture of meth, and a small baggie with finished meth.   

Lyons and Donoho were both arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail aggravated participation in meth manufacturing, meth manufacturing waste, possession of less than five grams of meth, possession of meth precursors, and using or allowing a property to be use for the manufacture of meth.  In addition, Donoho was charged with bringing contraband into a penal institution.  He allegedly had three baggies of meth that were discovered when he was being booked into jail.  

No other arrests are expected in the case.  DeVore say other family members have agreed to help the elderly grandmother now that her son is in jail.

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