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State Senator and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kirk Dillard Questions The Planned Closure Of Murray Center at Marion County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. Emcee Matt Eddy (right) and Party Chair Doris Purcell look on. Photo by Bruce Kropp.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Calls Closure of Murray Center a "Terrible Priority"

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

One of the expected Republican candidates for Governor says Governor Pat Quinn has made a 'terrible priority' in deciding to close the Murray Developmental Center.  

State Senator Kirk Dillard addressed the proposed closure of the Murray Center when addressing the Marion County Republican Party annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Salem Community Activity Center over the weekend.  "I will tell you in a $40-billion operation, if we can't find the money to keep something as essential to developmentally disabled people and their families.  I will tell you as a suburban legislator I get the Murray Center Parents newsletter monthly and it turns my heart and guts when I read that newsletter.  If we can't figure out as a society how to take care of our developmentally disabled, we have real problems," said Dillard.  He added it was shameful that Illinois was dead last among the state's in providing funds to care for the developmentally disabled.  

The question is if Murray Center will stay open long enough to become a decision of the state's next Governor elected in the fall of 2014.   Murray Center is currently scheduled to close this October.  

Dillard in his remarks also called Quinn an absentee or Chicago Governor who is about gun control and gay marriage.  He also chastised the Governor for the state's poor economic development performance and said despite what Quinn says things are not getting better.  

"The Democrats passed that 67-percent increase in the income tax and we still have $9-billion dollars of unpaid bills.  You need a Governor who can force a Democrat legislature to do thinks that is not in its DNA to do, in other words, make this state to live within its means," said Dillard.  "Pat Quinn will tell you that things are getting better.  That's not true folks. Don't take my word for it, don't take State Representative Cavaletto or State Senator McCarter word.  How about Wall Street's word.  Nine times recently the state of Illinois has had its credit rating lowered.  We have the lowest credit rating of any state in America."

Dillard wants the temporary income and corporate income tax increases to expire as scheduled.  He feels giving the money back to the people and businesses will result in job and spending growth that will better fuel the state's revenue needs.  

Dillard lost the Republican primary during the last Gubernatorial election to Pat Brady by only 193 votes.     

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