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WJBD - Local News - Dropping State Funds Will Force Salem High To Look At Cuts

Dropping State Funds Will Force Salem High To Look At Cuts

By Bruce Kropp

Salem Community High School Superintendent Brad Detering is worried the district will be looking at additional cuts in state spending for the next school year.   He says unfortunately the district will have to look at cutbacks as a result.  

Detering wants to look carefully at replacing a number of teachers who are set to retire or who are resigning at the end of this year.  He's hoping any cutbacks can be made in not replacing staff instead of having layoffs.   Detering says the district's finances are being compounded by a drop in enrollment.  

"With us having our state aide being pro-rated to 89%.  That's a loss of $413,000 for us.  So if we are looking at a reduction again to 80%, I'm hopeful it won't be that, but it could be 85% or 86%.  More reductions are going to cause us problems," said Detering.  "We could kind of keep things together for a year or two, but we are probably going to have to look at staff and program cuts."  

In addition to the loss of general state aide, Detering reports the state is $97,000 behind on reimbursement for transportation and special education.

High School graduation was set for Sunday, May 19th, at two pm.  

In personnel news, the board awarded new three year contracts to Principal John Boles and Assistant Principal Kelly Conklin that will extend through the 2015-2016 school year.  The resignation of vocal music teacher and drama director Adam Shafer was accepted effective at the end of the school year.  Shafer plans to pursue performance opportunities and graduate studies at the end of the year.  

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