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WJBD - Local News - Driver Shears Off Utility Pole and Crashes Into Four Vehicles At Schmidt Ford In Salem

Driver Shears Off Utility Pole and Crashes Into Four Vehicles At Schmidt Ford In Salem

By Bruce Kropp

Salem Police say the driver of a van that went out of control while traveling on West Main Street, shearing off a power pole, and crashing into four vehicles on the Schmidt Ford lot doesn't remember what happened.

45-year-old Kellee Bolton of Willow Place in Salem told police she remembered slowing for the stop light at Hotze Road and then nothing until the crash occurred. Bolton was taken to Salem Township Hospital for treatment after being freed from her vehicle by Salem Fire Protection District personnel.

Deputy Assistant Chief Jim Cerny describes the scene upon their arrival. "We had a woman trapped in a vehicle, we have a broken off pole up against the vehicle preventing the door from being opened. Our guys went ahead and got the pole out of the way so we could get the door open and get her out," said Cerny.  He says fortunately the pole that was sheered off was not an electric pole.

Salem Police say the driver crossed both eastbound lanes of West Main Street just west of Hotze Road without encountering another vehicle, went through the roadside ditch, up the embankment towards the Schmidt Ford lot, sheered off the pole, and then crashed into four used vehicles lined up on the lot. The first van in line was moved about ten feet and partially turned around by the force of the accident. A second vehicle was knocked onto the far side of the van.  The other two vehicles were then crunched together.

Police say no decision has been made on if any tickets will be issued.

Schmidt Ford Sales Manager Dack Johnson said they heard a noise inside the dealership. They initially thought the power pole had just snapped. When he walked along the line of vehicles he discovered the wreck and the driver of the car still inside her vehicle.

The accident occurred around 8:30 Friday morning.

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