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WJBD - Local News - Congressman Shimkus Votes In Favor Of Bill To Reopen Federal Government and Avoid Default

Congressman Shimkus Votes In Favor Of Bill To Reopen Federal Government and Avoid Default

Congressman John Shimkus voted for the compromise bill to reopen government and avoid default.  

The compromise first worked out in the Senate later passed the House and was immediately signed by President Obama.   The deal funds government operations through January 15th, 2014 and extends the debt ceiling to February 7th, 2014.   The President says federal workers should plan to return to work Thursday morning.  

Shimkus says in addition to the problems with Obamacare, he is deeply concerned about the nation's long-term fiscal situation.  "I am very hopeful that the budget conference committee, which is part of the overall agreement, will be successful in addressing the mandatory spending issues we face," said Shimkus. "And as Senator McConnell said in his remarks…the spending restraints negotiated in the Budget Control Act remain in place, and we will have two years of reduced government spending for the first time since the Korean War."

Shimkus was among 87 Republican House members to vote in favor of the compromise.  Another 144 voted no.  The final vote in the house was 285 in favor and 144 against.   

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has already announced a breakfast meeting Thursday with Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray to begin the process of moving forward toward the December budget conference deadline.

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