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WJBD - Local News - Centralia Man Can't Remember Saturday Morning Crime Spree

Centralia Man Can't Remember Saturday Morning Crime Spree

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A 21-year-old Centralia man was in custody Monday morning on multiple charges after allegedly attempting to gain entry to three buildings and breaking into or attempting to enter at least six vehicles.  

Patrick Flanigan of North Beech Street allegedly committed the acts after the car in which he was a passenger broke down nearby on the Walnut Hill Road just outside of Centralia.  He's being held in the Marion County Jail for criminal damage to property, burglary to a motor vehicle and criminal trespass to a motor vehicle.   

Deputies say Flanigan was found passed out in a car owned by Steven Cluck of Walnut Hill Road with two bags of chips and two cans of chewing tobacco that had been taken from another vehicle.  

Police had initially been alerted when Jason Green heard noise outside his home and noticed the interior lights on his car and his truck running with the doors open.  Green said the turn signal had been ripped off and the steering column damaged.   

During the investigation, the sheriff's department also received a call from Leona Meador who reported she had been woke up by noises and saw a man looking into her window.  It was later determined Flanigan had allegedly broke out a window in the home and pole barn type building and removed a screen from a shed.  

Deputies say Flanigan's bloody pants and shoes were found outside the Meador home.  They also found his wallet containing Flanigan's drivers license inside the pants.   

Flanigan later told deputies he doesn't remember anything from the time the car broke down until he was woke up in someone else's car.  After hearing the story of what happened, he reportedly told the deputy, so what your saying is I messed up.    

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