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WJBD - Local News - Centralia City Council Approves Waiving Demolition Permit Fees for 2013

Centralia City Council Approves Waiving Demolition Permit Fees for 2013

By Will Doolin, WJBD News

The Centralia City Council approved continuing to waive demolition permit fees for 2013.  The goal of the fee waiver is to assist in the process to demolish derelict and dilapidated houses.   Mayor Tom Ashby says in past years, there have been over 800 dilapidated homes and that this is their number-one complaint from residents.  He says continuing to waive permit fees is a step in the right direction to clean up Centralia.

"We are taking our own initiatives.  We first started with our own initiatives with doing demolition with our own property ourselves, clean up property we have.  We want that to spread and that's the reason we have certain committees such as the Image Committee and other places.  If we're going to encourage this type of thing, then why not waive the fees in order to get people to demolish dilipidated properties.  The taxes are minimal and most of them are not paying any taxes on them or anything else, but more importantly you can enter into one of the housing programs", said Ashby. 

The Council also approved two resolutions to complete demolition of two substandard buildings and allow the owners to pay back the cost of the demolition over time.  The Men's United Club would repay $2,682 over 24 months to pay for the cost of demolishing a home at 411 North Lincoln.  Clifford Rapp would repay the city $432 over the next year for removal of an accessory structure on his property at 419 Leafland.  

In other Council action, the Board approved Centralia City School Superintendent David Rademacher's request that 13th Street between Elm and Lincoln be designated as a school speed zone.  The Council approved the Centralia Recreation Complex's request to use Fairview Park for a Family Wellness Fair one night during the week of July 15th to the 20th.  The Council approved a resolution to have Heneghan and Associates perform preliminary engineering and engineering inspection services for the 2013 MFT Street Maintenance Program.   

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