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WJBD - Local News - Capacity Crowd Watches Broadway Invasion, See Photo Gallery of the Show

All the singers on stage for the closing song of Aquarius.

Bob Turnage of the Invaders who led the effort to put the fund raising performance together.

Capacity Crowd Watches Broadway Invasion, See Photo Gallery of the Show

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A full house of 400 people attended the Salem Community Theatre's annual benefit fundraiser over the weekend.  Broadway Invasion featured more than two dozen singers and band members.  

Bob Turnage of the Invaders says the idea first surfaced in December, with work on the program taking place over the past four months.  "We love playing Salem because the crowds were so great.  This was a fantastic crowd.  We had just great musicians, great vocalists, a really good program.  But the crowd did not let us down.  It was great gig and so much fun," said Turnage.  

And the event marked the first time in 40 years Linda Basham Norman was reunited with the Invaders.  "I started driving from Indianapolis and rehearsing with them every week.  And I said this is pretty fun, maybe I'll get to do it again. I just fell right back into it," said Norman.  She noted the music came right back to her, just like riding a bicycle.   

Theater Board Chair John Stephenson thanked the audience for their financial support.  "We are looking at some tremendous expansion. back stage for some dressing rooms and make up rooms.  Up front, our marquee and in the ticket booth area.  We're looking at things not just to make this a theater in Southern Illinois, but THE theater in Southern Illinois," said Stephenson to applause from the crowd.  

Like the first fund raising concert a year ago, this one ended with all the musicians and signers joined in the singing of Aquarius as some audience danced in front of the stage.   

Click here to see the full photo gallery.  

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