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WJBD - Local News - Adults Who Did Not Take Drivers Ed in School Must Take Adult Drivers Ed Classes, says Secretary of State White

Adults Who Did Not Take Drivers Ed in School Must Take Adult Drivers Ed Classes, says Secretary of State White

(Chicago, IL)  --  Secretary of State Jesse White says some people between 18 and 21 have been getting a license without taking a Driver's-Ed class in school.  But, that's about to change.  

"Young people have been able to circumvent the system...and were able to get their drivers license. We do not think that is how to make our roads safe." White said.

Come next July, they'll have to take an Adult Driver's Ed class in order to get legally licensed.  

The measure was one of three signed into law by Governor Quinn Monday.   

Another addresses drivers who in the past could get court supervision when they're involved in a deadly accident.  White says that will come to an end in January.  

"Court Supervision is a way to get your license back by doing community service, and pay a fine. That's the wrong way to approach individuals who have killed someone on our roads." White said.

A new law prohibits the courts from handing out court supervision to any driver charged in a deadly crash, if they've been given supervision in the past.  That means the driving conviction will now appear on the driver's record.  

The third new law could ban teen drivers who violate the rules of the road before they're actually licensed from getting behind the wheel.  It's called Kelsey's Law and is named after a 15-year-old who was seriously injured in an accident when she was hit by a teen driver.  The driver was in the process of getting a license and it was actually issued three days after the accident that injured Kelsey.  The law authorizes the Secretary of State to deny driver's licenses or permits to those 18 or younger who have unresolved traffic violations.  The law takes effect immediately. 

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