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WJBD - Local News - 30th Annual Centralia Unity Luncheon Held Monday

30th Annual Centralia Unity Luncheon Held Monday

By WJBD News

A recently named Monsignor of the Catholic Church thanked those attending the 30th Annual Centralia Unity Luncheon    Monday for their willingness to serve.  David Darin is a Centralia native who began his career as a priest at St. Mary's Church.  He noted the opportunity that Centralia has given his family who formerly operated Pinky's Restaurant in Central City after his grandfather first came to the area looking for a job.   

Darin noted he has been told he has a problem in saying 'no' and challenged those in attendance to stay involved as well.  "I would like to challange you.  You are the busy people of the community, I know it, and many of you set up several different times with several organizations, but I thank you for your willingness to say yes to continue to try to volunteer to help out in many ways you can so that Centralia can be an opportunity for many people in the years to come", said Darin.  

Darin praised the community for exposing him to a diversity of religion and educational opportunities that eventually led to his decision to enter the priesthood.   He also admitted how tough it was to leave St. Mary's Church after serving the parish for nine years.  

A large number attended the annual luncheon at the Demaree United Methodist Church sponsored by the noon Rotary Club.  Rotary Club President Debra Elling, in opening the program, thanked those in attendance for their countless hours of dedication to the community.  She also thanked those who have served in the military to keep our country free.  

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