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WJBD - Local News - $20,000 Check Delivered To Help Fight Closure Of Murray Center

Murray Staff Member rally outside the Murray Parents Association Meeting

Murray Parents Association President Rita Winkeler accepts a check from Friends of Murray Center member Perry Stanfa

$20,000 Check Delivered To Help Fight Closure Of Murray Center

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Friends of Murray Center had a surprise at their meeting Sunday.  

It was delivered by the President of the Friends of Murray Center Perry Stanfa. "The Friends of Murray Center would like to present a check to the MPA to help fight the lawsuit for $20,000." 

Stanfa says the money was raised by employees of Murray Center through a variety of projects.  He notes the donation brings the total the Friends organization has contributed to keeping Murray Center open to $180,000.  "We're fighting this tooth and nail. There is not a rock is being left unturned. At this point, our people feel very positive that we are going to win this lawsuit.  

Stanfa says of the $180,000 raised to date, $70,000 has gone to pursue the federal lawsuit to keep Murray Center open, $56,000 towards a lawsuit the Friends of Murray filed to protect the wards of the state from being moved out of Murray Center, $42,000 for their Springfield lobbyist and $12,000 for a Public Relations Firm.   

The parents organization was also feeling optimistic Sunday and are especially pleased with the federal court date being pushed back so their loved ones will definitely be at Murray Center for Christmas.  The association voted to donate $7,500, or $30 per resident, towards Christmas gifts for the residents during the annual Foster Christmas program.  

Federal Judge Marvin Askew last week rejected the state's effort to dismiss the lawsuit and has kept a temporary restraining order in place preventing the movement of any resident out of Murray Center without guardian approval until the next court hearing.   

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