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Happy Thanksgiving!

By Financial Planning

We at MidAmerica Financial Resources would like to wish you a very




 It seems like every family has its own Thanksgiving traditions, whether that be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, playing football, or simply looking forward to all the amazing food. What are some Thanksgiving traditions you and your family have that you look forward to?

Even with all the Thanksgiving traditions you may have with your family, sometimes starting a new tradition can be exciting and make the holiday more memorable. If you’d like to start a new tradition this holiday, here is a list of fun traditions to get you started!


      • Volunteer at a homeless shelter to feed the hungry

      • Donate canned goods to a food pantry

      • Invite someone to eat with you for Thanksgiving who would otherwise spend the day alone

      • Write down five things you are thankful for, and share over the meal

      • Remember nice things people have done for you in the past month, and write them a personal thank you note, whether that be to your   mother who made sure to make your favorite dish for thanksgiving , to the sales clerk who went the extra mile to find what you needed, to the waitress who did a great job (don’t forget the tip, too!). Don’t just feel thankful this holiday, show your gratitude!

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