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WJBD - Health & Fitness News - Spike in Pregnancy Test Sales Follows News of Royal Bump

Spike in Pregnancy Test Sales Follows News of Royal Bump


(LONDON) -- Sales of home fertility monitors and pregnancy tests have soared by 60 percent since Kate Middleton announced she’s baby bumping, according to the British press.

Clearblue, which manufactures pregnancy tests and fertility monitors, is said to have seen its biggest rise in sales in the U.K. in almost five years.

“We’ve never seen an increase like this before,” said Clearblue U.K. brand manager Hugh Ayling. “We were pretty stunned when the stats came in and we wondered why it was. Then we worked it back and saw the spike came after Kate made her announcement.”

If Middleton has inspired you to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News senior medical contributor and practicing ob/gyn, has some advice for you on how to best use a home pregnancy test.

“Home pregnancy tests can be fairly accurate if done at the right time of day and stage in pregnancy and in the right manner,” Ashton said. “Use the first urine of the day when the urine has the greatest chance of being the most concentrated, since it’s been in the bladder for a few hours while you are sleeping.”

If you can contain your excitement, Ashton recommended waiting until you’ve missed at least one period before checking to see if you’ll be changing diapers in the near future. In the very early stages of pregnancy, false negatives are common. And do keep in mind no home test is completely accurate. Your doctor should confirm results with more sensitive tests that can be done in the office.

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