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How to Steer Your Children Through New Health Care Changes

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- When it comes to your children some of the changes in health care have already been implemented.

For instance, your children no longer get kicked off your plan when they graduate college. Insurance companies are required to let them stay on until they hit age 26 even if they're married or not living at home.


That includes a lot of people, and it could be one reason you’re seeing your current plan’s costs increase.


“That's you know, an expensive policy. You have to now cover a group of people who weren't previously covered. That covers everyone's premiums a little bit,” says Harvard University’s Katherine Baker.


As to dental and vision services? They’re a required inclusion, according to he Kaiser Family Foundation's Dr. Karen Pollitz.


She says dental is “required to be included for children, not for adults. So you still may be able to go out and buy a separate dental policy if you're a grown up. But for your kids, that should be included or there should be a separate sort of add on policy for pediatric dental and vision.”


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