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Half of Workers Have Worked with a Hangover

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Hangovers are the scourge of anyone who’s ever had too much to drink. And yet, people don’t seem to learn their lesson even during the workweek.

Blowfish, which makes a combined aspirin-caffeine tablet that supposedly helps cure a hangover, says that half of the 5,249 adults it surveyed last year acknowledged that they’ve shown up at work feeling lousy after a night of heavy drinking.

The survey also showed that while half of men admitted they’ve gone to work hungover, 52 percent of women confessed to doing the same.

As for which kinds of workers are likely come to work all headachey and nauseous, waiters ranked number one, followed by realtors, salespeople, cops and cooks.

Meanwhile, among those who drag themselves to work with a hangover, 28 percent said it’s made them late for work while seven percent confessed that they’ve messed up an assignment because of their impaired physical state.

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