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Americans Reluctant to Part with Their Favorite Things for a Week

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- You’ve heard the phrase “Give it up,” but there a lot of things Americans won’t give up no matter what.

Sachs Media Group’s latest survey of 1,000 respondents wanted to know how attached people are to their everyday comforts like electronics, beverages and sex, and the results aren’t all that surprising, although there is no unanimity on any one favorite addiction.

-- Asked what they would absolutely not give up for a week, the overall results nationally were as follows:

Caffeine -- 29 percent

Smart Phone or Tablet -- 28 percent

Alcohol -- 23 percent

Sex -- 12 percent

Other -- Eight percent

-- Breaking it down by the sexes, here’s what men wouldn’t relinquish for a week:

Alcohol -- 26 percent

Caffeine -- 23 percent

Smart Phone or Tablet -- 21 percent

Sex -- 20 percent

Other -- 10 percent

-- Women had decidedly different opinions about what they won’t give up for a week:

Caffeine -- 34 percent

Smart Phone or Tablet -- 34 percent

Alcohol -- 20 percent

Other -- Seven percent

Sex -- Five percent

-- Finally, the Sachs Media Group broke down preferences into age categories as far what people can’t do without for a week:

18-34 -- Smart Phone or Tablet was tops at 30 percent.

35-49 -- Smart Phone or Tablet was number one with 30 percent.

50-64 -- Caffeine was the leader at 33 percent.

65+ -- Caffeine was the runaway winner at 46 percent.

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