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WJBD - Entertainment - "Tamar and Vince" Shows Tamar Braxton Hiding Pregnancy, Prepping Album

"Tamar and Vince" Shows Tamar Braxton Hiding Pregnancy, Prepping Album

WeTV(LOS ANGELES) -- On the second season of WeTV's Tamar and Vince, which premieres Thursday night, fans see R&B singer Tamar Braxton trying to promote her latest album, Love and War, all while hiding her unplanned pregnancy. Tamar told ABC News Radio that hiding her belly wasn't her idea.

"I was the one who wanted to tell and [my husband] Vince didn't. It was a situation where Logan wasn't planned. And it's almost like when you have fertility issues you're waiting for the shoe to drop," says Tamar, who welcomed baby Logan Vincent Herbert three months ago. "So Vince just wanted to wait as long as he could just to make sure everything was going to be OK and we were in the clear."

Tamar waited until she was in her third trimester to reveal she was pregnant on ABC's Good Morning America. Now that baby Logan is here, "Motherhood is great. Logan is great. He's a great baby," Tamar gushes. "And he's nothing like his mother. He's not dramatic at all. He's very much like Vince -- very chill, relaxed, laid back."

Tamar also thinks she's got a smart baby on her hands.  "My mother [Evelyn Braxton] tells me that Logan is pretty advanced," Tamar says. "He's cooing a whole lot. He laughs. He listens. ...He's all in your conversation. Yeah, he's just a really good baby."

Of course, Tamar and Vince doesn't just follow Tamar tip-toeing into motherhood: it also follows her preparing for her first album release in 13 years. And of course, her husband/manager Vince is right beside her. He told ABC News Radio last season that he did the show for Tamar, but she disagrees.

"He did it for me in a sense. He just felt like the viewers needed to see a different side of me because on Braxton Family Values you just see me as...the loudmouth baby sister who gives all of the unsolicited advice in the world," Tamar tells ABC News Radio. "And you do, because that's the role that I play when I'm with my sisters. But you know when I'm with Vince,  I'm also a mother now and I'm a businesswoman and there's another side to me."

WeTV's Tamar and Vince premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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